Peetz, MS

Matthew Peetz, aka the 'Yeast Whisperer', has been propagating yeast since before it was the cool thing to do. Like many brewers, it all started with a home brew kit that Matthew received at his college graduation.


Despite making some terrible extract beer, exploding bottles, and a sudden increase in carboys, he stuck with it, and by the end of that summer he knew that he wanted to work in the brewing industry. Matthew is both a Certified BJCP and GABF judge.

After working at the Brewing Science Institute, Anschutz Medical Campus, GEVO bio-fuel, and co-founding Inland Island Yeast Laboratories, Matthew used his decade of yeast experience to found Propagate Lab in 2018 to provide yeast of the highest quality to the craft brewing community. 

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Brittany Portman.jpg


Brittany was inspired by a sour beer to become a brewer. After earning a certificate in Craft Brewing from Regis University she started working at Fiction Beer Company and worked her way to the Head Brewer Position.

While at Fiction Brittany won several medals at GABF and World Beer Cup for schwarzbier and hazy IPA.  If that does not prove that she can brew just about anything I am not sure what would.

Brittany now works for Propagate Lab and uses her awesome brewing knowledge to help the team grow yeast, answer customers questions about keeping beer hazy, and keep the lab in order.

Sam Golon,MS

Lab Manager Sam Golon has been in the beer industry since 2017 when he managed First Logistics, and then production, at Can Source providing packaging solutions for the craft brewing community.

Sam returned to school in 2018 to complete a Masters degree at Colorado State University. He now uses his management, logistic, and microbiology skills to keep the lab at Propagate running at tip top shape.


Kira graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Fermentation Science and Technology. Previously she worked as a lab technician and TTB Certified Chemist for Kathinka Labs. She is an expert at yeast banking, yeast management, and quality control testing.

ESequil Morales

Esequil graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in fermentation science. He has worked at Kathinka and Boulder Beer Company. He now helps propagate yeast and can fix just about anything that breaks.

In his free times he likes to brew kombucha as produces art.