Craft Seltzer Kit

Ferments a simple sugar based "wort" from 1.060 to 0.995 SG within 7 days. Produces a seltzer with subtle wine notes that is intended to be a clean slate for flavor additions.

All You need

Kit Includes:

  • Powdered Nutrients

  • Sterol Addition

  • Fining Agent

  • Directions

  • Yeast is Purchased Seperatly


7 Day Seltzer


A proprietary strain that ferments well with a low amount of nutrients. Produces subtle wine notes and as close to a blank slate as possible. Low sulfur production, no diacetyl production. Available as a liquid yeast or a dry yeast. Dry yeast is certified gluten free.


Steve Hughes, Newark Local

It's a real panty dropper.  I added Tangerine Puree, It turned out lovely.  Clean clear and chuggable.

Stainless Steel

Joe Tumbarello, Burly Brewing

They turned out really well, thank you for your help.  They are also being received really well by our customers, win.  Thank you again.


Andrew, Flatland Brewing

We made that one batch and split it between 2 flavors, a White Linen cocktail (cucumber, lime, elderberry) and a Tropical version with Kool Aid Packets. Both are killer.

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