11.25 Million Cells / mL for 1 BBL of beer (750,000 cells / mL / degree plato for a 15 plato wort)


At Propagate Lab, LLC we take yeast seriously. This pitch you are about to use has been grown and quality tested with the utmost dedication by our team. This yeast has passed our quality tests for common brewery bacteria and wild yeast.


To best care for this yeast, keep it cold (but not frozen!). This is best done in an ice water bath inside of your walk-in cooler. Under these conditions, the yeast will remain healthy and viable for 3 weeks after you have received it.


We have included a vial of sterile yeast nutrient to add to the pitch on the day that you would like to use it. The yeast nutrient will help “wake” the yeast from its dormancy.


Please keep an eye on your yeast - it left our facility in great condition with a healthy reserve of glycogen, trehalose, and trace simple sugars to see it through its temporary dormancy. As such, it may build up some CO2 and should be vented regularly to prevent the package from bursting.

1 BBL Pitch

  • Pitching directions:


    • 4 hours before use: Take the yeast out of the fridge to begin warming. For optimal results, warm it to the same temperature of the wort it is being pitched into.
    • Sanitize the container and the opening, add the sterile yeast nutrient, close the container, and gently shake the container to homogenize. This process will help prime the yeast for fermentation and resuspend the yeast in the container.
    • Before pitching the yeast, sterilize the outside of the container around the opening to minimize contaminants that may have been picked up on the outside of the package.
    • Add the yeast to the oxygenated wort. We recommend oxygenating between 8-10 ppm for most beers and at a higher ppm for beers over 18 plato. You should see vigorous signs of fermentation within 24 hours for ales and 48 ho