Home Brew

Looking for new or unique strains for your next batch of beer? We have you covered.

Proper Cell Count

Our Home Brew vials are made to contain 200 billion cells. That means you have the proper pitch rate for your 5 gallon batch, no starter needed.

Easy to Use

Keep Yeast stored cold in a refrigerator until ready to use. Remove yeast from the fridge two hours before pitching and allow it to warm to room temp. Then add the entire contents of the package to your cooled, oxygenated wort. Allow 24-48 hours to see visible signs of fermentation.

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Propagate Lab provides premium quality yeast and consultation for the craft brewing industry. We are a licensed wholesale food manufacturer using only the highest quality ingredients. Propagate Lab does not cover the wholesale or retail cost of beer or any ingredients, costs, services, labor expenses, etc. where its products are concerned.

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