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Looking for gluten free propagation? Want to blend several strains together? Looking for something no one has ever used before? Want to bank your strain with us? We can do that!


With a team of microbiologist and brewers that include BJCP & GABF judges, GABF winners, and World Beer Cup medalists, we have a combined 25 years of experience and can answer your fermentation questions.

Sean Peters, Founder & Head Brewer

"We WON Denver County Beer Fair! Y'all make killer yeast."

Charlie Koller, Head Brewer

"Propagate has made my job easier with quick turnaround on yeast production, delivery, and dedication to the highest quality. They have great people and a great product. I look forward to working with them for the long term!"

Jeff Griffith, Brewery Director

"[After brewing our IPA with MIP-110]...we are thinking it was our best batch of that beer ever."

Paul Dampier, Co-Founder

"Our Amber brewed with MIP-120...won medals at the state fair. Thanks a ton for these products, and especially the personal help in selecting them!"

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Propagate Lab provides premium quality yeast, bacteria, and consultation for food. We are a licensed wholesale food manufacturer using only the highest quality ingredients. Propagate Lab does not cover the wholesale or retail cost of a final product or any ingredients, costs, services, labor expenses, etc. where its products are concerned.

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