Neutral Flavor

American Ales

Excellent House Yeast

I play well with hops and malt

Neutral Flavor

High Gravity American Ales

Strong Flocculator

I can handle my alcohol

Crisp and Fruity

Hazy IPA and Pale Ale

I make the hazy stuff

I play well with tropical hops

Mango and Papaya

IPA and Pale Ales

Little bit of haze

Fruity and plenty of body

Malty and Full Bodied

Stouts, Porter, West Coast IPA

Excellent Flocculation, Great House Strain

Work well with malt

Malty and Fruity

American Ales

Frutier and  more Body than my fellow Americans

Work well with malt and hops

Malty and Estery

Belgian Ales

Malty, Alcohol Tollerant

Great for Dubbles

Malt and Stone Fruit

Belgian Ales

Complex, Alcohol Tollerant

Plum and Dark Malts

Phenolic Spice

Strong Belgian Ales

Spicer than the other Monks

Trippels and Quads

Spicy and Estery

Belgian Ales

Complex and Variable of Temp

Wide Range of Styles

Fruity and Estery

Wit Beer and Saison

Sessionable Wit Beers

Red apple and Pear

Spicy and Estery

Wit Beer and Grand Cru

Classic Wit Yeast

Clove and Pineapple

Minerality, Caramel

Saison / Biere de Garde

True Biere de Garde Strain

Dry and Complex

Clean and Malty

Stouts and Red Ales

Classic Stout Yeast

Accentuates dark malts

Malty and Full Bodied

Wee Heavy, Scottish Ales

Plays well with smoke

Ferment a little cool

Malty with Esters

English Ales

Classic English Strain

Mild Fruit Esters

Neutral Profile

Kolsch and Alt Beer

Classic Crisp Kolsch Strain

Ferment cool

Slight Esters

Kolsch and IPA

Clear and Brite

Excellent Flocculation

Banana and Clove

Wiesse Beer

German Style Wheat Beers

Dynamic and Expressive

Spicy and Estery

Wiesse Beer

Fruity Wheat Beers

Diverse Esters


German Ales and Alt

Classic Alt Strain

Accentuates Hops

Clean and Crisp

Easy Drinking

Classic Pilz Strain


Clean and Crisp

Flocculates Well

Most Famous Lager Yeast



Full Bodied

Vienna, Oktoberfest, Marzen

Work well with Specialty Malts

Crisp and Malty

Well Behaved Lager

Excellent Lager

Pilzner and Session Beers

Malty, Full Bodied

Lagers and Fest Beer

Slightly Fruity

Work well with malt and hops