Matthew, aka the 'Yeast Whisperer', has been around the craft brewing community for over 10 yrs:


Interview outlining Propagate Lab; published October 2019

Company Profile Interview


Matthew was chosen to judge the Great American Beer Festival this coming October.

Official Judge


Go yeast, young men.

Yeast Guest Lecture


Presented at the MBAA technical summit about Diastaticus detection.



Interview about diastaticus in the brewhouse.


Matthew Founder.jpg

Matthew Directs the Craft Brewing Certificate at Regis University.

Director - Craft Brewing

Brussels Belgium.jpg

Want to learn about farmhouse ales, how about traditional lambic production? Trappist Ales? Come see Belgium with Matthew.

Trip Organizer


“Back in the day, you would have used your house yeast for every beer,” Peetz says.


Summer school was in session when Matthew talked home brew yeast care.

Yeast Guest Lecture

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Propagate Lab provides premium quality yeast and consultation for the craft brewing industry. We are a licensed wholesale food manufacturer using only the highest quality ingredients. Propagate Lab does not cover the wholesale or retail cost of beer or any ingredients, costs, services, labor expenses, etc. where its products are concerned.

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